Review | Half In Love With Death by Emily Ross

51cs4bas4-L._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Half In Love With Death by Emily Ross
Published by Simon Pulse on December 16, 2015
Genres: Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance, Social & Family Issues, Fiction
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover
Source: Sent to me for review by Merit Press
Buy it: Amazon // Book Depository // Barnes & Noble
My Rating: ★★★★ 4/5



It’s the era of peace and love in the 1960s, but nothing is peaceful in Caroline’s life. Since her beautiful older sister disappeared, fifteen-year-old Caroline might as well have disappeared too. She’s invisible to her parents, who can’t stop blaming each other. The police keep following up on leads even Caroline knows are foolish. The only one who seems to care about her is Tony, her sister’s older boyfriend, who soothes Caroline’s desperate heart every time he turns his magical blue eyes on her. Tony is convinced that the answer to Jess’s disappearance is in California, the land of endless summer, among the street culture of runaways and flower children. Come with me, Tony says to Caroline, and we’ll find her together. Tony is so loving, and all he cares about is bringing Jess home. And so Caroline follows, and closes a door behind her that may never open again, in a heartfelt thriller that never lets up.


Hello again fellow bookworms! That’s right, I am back with another review! I truly want to apologize for not posting that much on this blog, I am still getting the hang of this whole blogging business. I promise I’ll get better, don’t give up on me just yet! Hang in there! Okay, now that that’s out of the way I’ll dive right into my latest review; which is Half In Love With Death by the lovely Emily Ross.


Firstly, I’d like to thank Merit Press for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! Everyone at Merit Press is super nice and lovely to communicate with!

I devoured this mysteriously creepy book in one sitting! I was that engrossed in the characters and plot and knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down until I finished it. The story is set in the 1960’s. A time where things were seemingly simpler and teenagers were carefree wild spirits blowing wherever the wind decided to take them. The story follows fifteen year old Caroline the summer after her older sister mysteriously never comes home from a party in the desert she snuck off to in the middle of the night with her enigmatic boyfriend, Tony.  From the get-go Caroline is racked with guilt over her sister’s disappearance. The cops think Jess ran away to California, like she always said she was going too. Her parents don’t know what to believe and simply don’t know how to process the fact that their little girl might be gone for good, putting all of that weight on Caroline.

With her parents lost in their own worlds full of alcohol and looking for comfort in unexpected places, Caroline turns to Tony, Jess’s older boyfriend. Tony is eighteen years old and every girls dream. He’s sweet, charismatic, charming and has just enough hint of that bad boy image every girl craves and he’s set his sights on a very vulnerable Caroline. Tony promises Caroline that they’ll find Jess, only if they work together. With that promise made, the two embark on a journey that could lead them both to some deadly consequences.

Half In Love With Death is a page turner if I ever saw one! I had to know what happened! There were times I thought I knew what had happened to Jess and just when I thought I had it figured out a new twist would enter the equation and I’d be racing to figure it out.  Ross did a wonderful job building the setting in this book. While reading the story I felt like I traveled back in time to the 1960’s with the drive in theaters and diners and clothes. I’m a sucker for historical reads, and this is one of my favorites. As soon as I read the summary for this book I knew it would be fantastic and I wasn’t wrong. Tony reminded me a lot of Charles Manson, with the way he dangerously lured in everyone he came across.

If you’re looking for a great historical mystery thriller, told absolutely beautifully then Half In Love With Death is for you! Have you read this book? Or one like it? Let me know in the comments below!



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